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What is your obituary gonna say?

10 Oct

Have you ever thought about what your obituary is gonna say or what you would like it to say? What do you want to be remembered for?

Brad Meltzer, author of the bestselling: “The Inner Circle” says that there are four kind of legacies you leave behind: 1) Personal, 2)Family, 3) Community and 4) Strangers. You leave your mark on all four legacies mentioned and it is up to you to create the legacy you want in all four categories.

Watch this video of Brad Meltzer, where he shares his thoughts:


Are YOU making yourself feel inferior?

8 Oct

What is your greatest fear? Are you afraid you are not good enough? Fear of rejection? Fear of speeking in public? Fear of love?

Most of us fear something. But the most important thing is, not what you fear but what you do about YOUR fear? Do you accept it? Or do you confront it.

According to Brian Tracey fear is learned behavior. Thats a good thing, because that means you can unlearn it. You weren´t born afraid of speeking in front of a large audience, neither were you born feeling that others were more successful than you. In his book “No Excuses” Tracey writes that because fear is learned behavior it can be unlearned through practice, determination and most important action. Lets get real – Fear sucks big time. So why hold on to it? Fear gets in the way of happiness, love and action. Fear is  paralyzing.

So how do you unlearn to fear? You confront it… one step at a time. In stead of accepting that “I´m not good at speeches” or  “I´m not really into commiting myself in relationships, cause I dont like to compromise” –  do the opposite. Act the opposite. Visualize that you already possess the quality you desire and really is afraid of. Act as if you already possess that quality. Or like Nike says: “Just do it” – one step at a time. Practice your wanted quality over and over againg. Affirm yourself that you can you it instead of telling yourself that you can´t. If you visualuze and affirm the wanted quality, your subconscious mind will begin to believe you. In the exact same way, that you have taught you mind fear – because you time after time have told yourself that your can´t or that you are not talented enough. You possess all the power to reverse this learned habbit of fear, but you have to confront it and that action. You will eventually have unlearned your fear when you discipline yourself to take the much needed action against it. And remenber what Eleanor Roosvelt said: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. So what do you choose? Fear or action?